The vibrancy of the famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro, the city where the historical tune Girl of Ipanema came to life, is where Corbin Hale learned his first chords on the guitar. Pulling inspiration from the four Liverpool boys of The Beatles, the five long-haired New Jersey rockers of Bon Jovi and the various rock anthems that surrounded his childhood, Hale dabbled in songwriting in the back of his school classroom and started playing in bands in the many historical neighbourhoods in Rio at a very young age. Those lyrics and experiences nestled deep within his soul and inspired Hale to pull himself out of the best business school in Latin America and out of a path that had been laid down for him by his family of establishing himself in the world of commerce and end up becoming “another man in a grey suit”.


With nothing but a suitcase full of dreams and half-finished songs ready to gain life,  Corbin Hale flew to the rainy and inspiring city of Vancouver urging to reinvent his life on his own terms and launched his solo career. The journey began in 2017 when Hale released and self-published his first EP, Chapter One. Furthermore, he now follows his debut with his newest EP, Wildcard, produced and co-written by North Vancouver-based JUNO award winner Ryan Stewart (associated with Carly Rae Jepsen, Simple Plan, and Owl City) and Vancouver-based Tom Dobrzanski (associated with Said The Whale, Hey Ocean, and We Are The City). Featuring a cover of Girl from Ipanema as a nod to his Brazilian upbringing, Wildcard explores a more mature sound and style than its predecessor and displays Hale’s outstanding songwriting and vocal skills.


When you listen to Corbin Hale’s new work you will quickly see how immersing himself in the Canadian music industry has made him scale up his work immensely. His songs, filled with heartfelt and finely-crafted hooks, raspy vocals and empowering lyrics are set to become a timeless addition to the pop/rock scene. They encapsulate the feelings of nostalgia with their old-school rock anthems and a modern twist, reflecting his rich and diverse background and his ability to reach multiple audiences.


In a matter of only a few years, Corbin Hale went from recording covers on his phone in a small neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro to recording with some of the best and most prestigious producers in Canada & the UK. Hale is not afraid of pushing his limits as a singer/songwriter to achieve his goals and inspire listeners to do the same and find their calling - like he certainly did. Keep eyes and ears open – this is certainly just the beginning.


“Corbin proves himself one hell of a singer-songwriter, and we can only wait to see the heights to which he will scale from here.” - TunedLoud.

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